Server Downloads

These files are for server owners. If you are not running a server, you do not need to download these. The latest server version is 5.0.6.

Full Server Install

Name: GoldenEye_Source_v5.0.6_full_server_windows.7z

Checksum (SHA256): 79643189e9d6549e13ed9545d2277cb34bac05fff645d44d9de1f0ab030610d3

Download from ModDB (Windows/Linux)
Download from GameStand (Windows/Linux)


5.0.6 Server Patch Files

These files are for updating a server running 5.0.1.

Name: GoldenEye_Source_v5.0.6_server_patch.7z

Checksum (SHA256): 1d1c5e2e23df2402f4195e643a7a1c6f340cb952e3aad27c41235952fb3aa36a

Download from OVH (Windows/Linux)
Download from ModDB (Windows/Linux)