GoldenEye: Source 5.0 Media Day 3

5.0 Soundtrack Release Amidst the many changes that 5.0 brings, they are not all visual. Our newest member of the team, Tweaklab, has been hard at work on new musical beats that are sure to bring out the 007 in anyone. “I’m a computer based producer with some electric guitars and a DMG-01 Gameboy thrown in the mix. I started writing beats in the early 00’s and in recent years have had some success with my original music being used in Australian TV and Film (Housos, Fat Pizza, Bogan Hunters).

GoldenEye: Source 5.0 Media Day 2

Gameplay Refinements Today we’re going to be covering some significant improvements we’ve made to gameplay. Whilst we have always received praise on our faithful recreation of iconic elements of GoldenEye, we’ve always recognized that there was room for improvement. Our biggest priority with this version of the game was finally nailing down all the shortcomings of our previous core gameplay to give a more engaging and fun experience that rewards multiple playstyles.

GoldenEye: Source 5.0 Media Day 1

Five Days Of Media Updates For the past two years the development team has been hard at work on the next major release of GoldenEye: Source and the time has come to give everybody a taste of what’s coming this Friday, August 12th! Over the next 5 days leading up to release we’ll be giving everyone an in-depth sneak peek at what the latest installment of GoldenEye: Source has to offer, so be sure to check back each day at 4:00 PM EST!