Join Us

We are a tight-knit group of hobbyists and professionals who contribute what we can to the project. We all have a passion for making our game as good as it can be. We keep in regular communication and participate in a weekly 2 hour test of the game to touch base and discuss changes and ideas.

We help each other out however we can, so if you think you’ve got promise and are willing to spend your free time on making things, we’d love to help you grow and develop your skills! In general you can expect to be given a few projects to work on at a time, and share your progress with us each week. There’s no pressure to match the GE:S standard right away, but you have to be willing to work towards it until you get there.

If you are interested in joining the team, head down to the forums and start a thread. In your post please include some examples of your work, why you would like to join us, and what specifically you’d like to work on.

Open Development Positions

Please check the positions below to see if you might meet some of the requirements.

Positions we’re specifically looking to fill:

Character Artist(s)

  • Establish and work off of template characters to efficiently produce consistent character art
  • Take art/technical direction and feedback from the team
  • Work in a modular and resource efficient way

Character Animator

  • Be able to work with existing assets
  • Have an understanding of Inverse Kinematics and rigging
  • Work closely with and take direction from lead artist
  • Work iteratively and take feedback from the team

Other positions we’re open to applications for:

Level Designer

  • Demonstrate experience and competence with Hammer
  • Ability to match current GE:S standards or willingness to work towards them.
  • Willing to work closely with the team and accept the help of others
  • Respond well to team suggestions and criticisms
  • Experience or willingness to learn texture and model creation

Texture Artist

  • Photoshop experience
  • Ability to create realistic textures based on reference material such as photographs or video
  • Be able to match the quality of our current standards or work towards them

3D Modeler(s)

  • Be capable of bringing a model to a fully completed state with textures and normal maps
  • Ability to work closely with level designer and match their style
  • Ability to create realistic objects from reference material such as photographs or video

For all positions:

  • Be able to work within resource constraints
  • Be able to dedicate a few hours each weekend to touching base with the team
  • Accept and understand criticism and differences of opinion.